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Safety Intervention Grant Program
workers’ compensation

Good news for employers who are looking for funding to purchase equipment to help reduce or eliminate workplace injuries or illnesses.  The Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (OHIO BWC) reopened the Safety Intervention Grant (SIG) in November 2022.  This grant is different than some of the other programs as it focuses on funds used to purchase ergonomic, safety and/or industrial hygiene equipment.  The changes the BWC has made to the SIG will make the application process easier for employers and includes:

  • Reducing the requirements for being in business for two years to one year.
  • Changing the eligibility cycle to three years for all businesses.
  • Limiting reporting requirements to a one-year report/case study.
  • Adding the program to the new grant management portal for online application.

The link to the entire SIG Program can be found at  This identifies eligibility requirements, unapproved equipment, how to apply, where to get assistance and other useful information.


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