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Virtual hearing attendance successfully rolled out

As a Sedgwick customer, one of the many services that we offer to ensure proper claims management is attendance at workers’ compensation hearings held before the Industrial Commission (IC) of Ohio.  A claim makes its way before the IC when a decision is issued by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and a party to the claim files an appeal or objection to that decision.   IC hearings can address a wide variety of issues including initial claim allowance, additional conditions, payment of compensation and permanent total disability, just to name a few.

In July of 2023 the IC officially adopted and implemented a “virtual hearing” option.  This change provided the flexibility to either attend the IC hearing in person at one of the 12 Industrial Commission offices throughout the state, or virtually via WebEx.   The virtual option is a positive addition and allows all parties to participate fully in the hearing process without having to take significant time away from their daily responsibilities...

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           Upcoming program deadlines for private employers

Group Rating

Nov 13, 2023

$60M in forecasted
2023 premium savings
for all private employer participants

Group Retrospective Rating

Jan 24, 2024

$39M in refunds for 
Sedgwick client participants*
for 2020 and
2021 program years

           *Refund amount for Sedgwick clients only, not all private employers. Bureau of Workers'
             Compensation will be sending the refunds beginning October 31, 2023.

Client Update | Cost Containment 

Handicap condition relief estimated premium refunds, savings and increase in group retro refunds range of: $13,253,289 to $14,608,194

Settlements estimated premium savings and increase in group retro refunds: $9,589,890

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA) estimated claim costs charged to surplus fund: $9,733,503
(may not equate to dollar-to-dollar savings - based on total costs at time of MVA surplus approval)

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